Shopl Task Management


1. To-do

Easily manage daily, recurring tasks using Shopl's To-Do feature.

With Shopl's To-Do feature, you can assign tasks with just a few clicks and get an overview of task status, enabling systematic task management.

Through the dashboard, you can assign tasks by employee or work location, and approve or reject submitted tasks, enabling precise communication with on-site employees.

2. Notice and Surveys

Create Notices or surveys utilizing various item types such as multiple choice, checkboxes, essay questions, and photos.

You can check in real-time whether each employee has read the guidance notice, and resend push notifications to those who haven't received it.

Quickly communicate with employees through Notices, and listen to employee voices through surveys.

3. Reports

Feel free to create report items that fit your company's style by combining them into multiple LEGO-like blocks.

Employee can easily create reports created by administrators anywhere using the mobile app Please try it.

Admin can conveniently review reports written by employees in real-time from anywhere and communicate through comments.

4. Posting Board

Share and resolve real-time on-site issues with team members or leaders, as they can occur anytime and anywhere.

When an employee registers an issue that occurred on site through the Shopl posting board, a notification is sent to the employee designated by the manager.

Staff in charge can check issues in real time through notifications and register solutions.

5. Chat

Shopl provides chat functionality for fast communication between employees.

Communication is possible without contact information, and all communication with on-site employees can be handled sufficiently through Shopl Chat.

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