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your daily tasks

Task Automation

Automatically assign recurring tasks

Tired of repeatedly requesting the same tasks and aggregating the results? Assign frequently recurring tasks automatically.

Task Alerts

Don't miss any tasks

Ever left work without completing something due by the end of the day? Shopl checks and alerts you for any task omitted before daily punch-out.

Review & Confirm

Setup confirmation process for tasks that require review

For the tasks that require quality management, assign a reviewer to confirm completed tasks. The designated leaders can decide whether to confirm or re-assign the task.

AI Analysis

AI-supported Task Review

AI analyzes the similarity between guide images and on-site photos submittedto easily identify cases where revisions are needed.

To-do Status

Progess at a Glance

From the completion rate of assigned tasks and the confirmation rate check the progress status at a glance.
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30-day free trial
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