Work Schedule Management Optimized for your Organization


Effortlessly manage complex work schedules

Create templates for commonly used work schedules by team or branch, allowing for quick and easy schedule registration.

Reduce repetitive tasks and operate various work shifts effortlessly.

• Bulk registration and editing of work schedules
• Automatic schedule generation
• Importing previous schedules

Schedule Status

Check work schedules at a glance

Administrators can easily grasp work schedules by period, employee, or group. They can also view the status of vacations, overtime, and more.

Employees can view their assigned work schedules as well as their colleagues' schedules in real-time through the app.

Schedule Approval

Simplify schedule management without cumbersome communication

When employees request schedule modifications through the mobile app, administrators can approve or reject the changes.

From work schedules to vacation requests and overtime, everything can be easily applied for through the app.

Overtime Management

Ensure compliance with the maximum hours of workweek

According to local labour law, you can limit weekly/monthly overtime work-hour.

According to the employee contract, we can designate employees eligible for overtime and even set maximum working hours.

Overtime, working hours, and other work records are available in excel download format.

Flexible Working Hour

Coming Soon

Flexible Working System Tailored to Your Organization

Do you operate flexible working, optional working, considered working, and discretionary working? We assist in managing complex and challenging flexible working systems.

At Shopl , we are preparing updates for flexible working system functionalities
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