HR & Attendance Management

From time record to data download.

Customize according to your HR policy
For HR Managers,
Who finds it complicated to manually manage annual leave.
For Admin Managers,
Who finds it cumbersome to prepare employee time records in Excel every month?
For CEOs,
Who needs to manage HR and payroll on their own.

Reliable attendance records

Location check with GPS / QR code, & Face verification for accurate and reliable data

Flexible schedule management

Tailored to cater your policies : fixed working hour, shift work, work-from-home members

OT approval in hands

Take control of OT allowance.  Pre/Post approval as per your need

Customized leave settings

Automatically allocate and expire annual leave for each employee

One-click report

Effortlessly generate attendance reports with Excel download

Coming soon

HR document management

Saved for each employee, retrieve them whenever needed

Shopl supports employee management of 40,000+ workplaces

Monitor working status in real-time

From transparent attendance records to work status at a glance

GPS/QR Code based geofence punch-in

Face recognition option prevents buddy punch-in

Real-time notifications for absence, lateness, out of office status

Field visit planning and achievement

Attendance, OT, Nightshift data download

Take control of OT allowance.  Pre/Post approval as per your need

Automatically allocate and expire annual leave

Automation of Leave Allocation

Annual leave accrual and expiration date management according to company regulations (automatic/manual setting)

Preparation of each employee's leave management records

Leave approval process within the App

Customize leave application logic and process

Leave usage status at a glance

Request to attach the supporting documents


Various types of employee work schedule management

From fixed working hour for office team to shift management of frontline team.

Share templates within teams & groups

All attendance records at a glance

Schedule approval process within the App

OT allocation when schedule exceeds standard working hour

Easily share team's schedule

Also supports flexible working hours

Coming soon
Custom integration

Integrate with the existing system for unified management

Integrate with various ERP systems and groupwares of your own.
Easily transfer and manage employee data, attendance records, and etc.
Automate tedious HR tasks
30-day free trial
30-day free trial
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Easily Customize and Integrate
Turn ON/OFF Various Features
Customize to create the one solution for your team.
Integrate with Internal System
API-ready for enterprise solutions.
Implement Complex Org Chars Easily
Easily setup org structure & approval process.

Are you still using Messenger and Excel to manage your team?

It's frustrating not knowing which employees haven't read the notices.
After sharing educational materials as files, they expire over time.
Managing schedules is cumbersome, and it's difficult to confirm for the recipients.
It takes too much time to collect and organize the results of store visits one by one.
You can know the detailed status of employees who have participated in notices and surveys.
You can share documents on the bulletin board without worrying about expiration.
You can easily manage schedules from scheduling to assignment confirmation.
You can easily aggregate and format data to easily digitize the results of store visits.

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30-day free trial
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