Simplify and automate leave management

Leave type setting

Leave type setting according to labour law & internal policy

You can directly set policies for mandatory vacations including annual leave and discretionary vacations, ensuring compliance with the Labor Standards Act.

The overall leave usage status by type are automatically aggregated.

Leave request and approval

Request & Approval

Employees can directly check their remaining days and usage history on the app.

Set upto 3 approval steps. Once leaves are approved, they are reflected in the schedule immediately.

Accrued leave

Automated Leave Allocation

Based on configured rules and employment date, annual leave can be automatically accrued.

Also, you can manually allocate leave as needed and set parameters such as usage period, carryover eligibility, and usage period.

Promoting annual leave usage

Annual Leave Promotion

Shopl supports annual leave promotion based on the status of leave usage. Requested members can easily submit their annual leave plans, and administrators can quickly review submission details and usage status.

Additionally, admins can send push notifications as the approved leave dates approach, ensuring members utilize their allocated leave.
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