Easy and accurate
punch-in verification


Verify attendance anywhere with Mobile app

With geofencing and identification features, accurate attendance records can be maintained. Restrict users from punching in/out outside a pre-set geographical boundary from one or multiple locations.

• Location : GPS, QR Code
• Identification : Facial recognition (optional), 1:1 device matching

Temporary location punch-in/out can be permitted for specific users during sales visits and business trips.

Attendance Status

Real-Time Work Status Tracking

Stay updated with real-time monitoring of your team's attendance records. Easily track work status at a glance with up-to-the-minute updates on attendance rates, tardiness, and early departures.

Notifications and Reason Submission

Irregular attendance check

Enable employees to submit reasons for unusual attendance events such as lateness, absence, or early departure.

Administrators can stay on top of attendance anomalies in real-time with instant notifications.

Downloadable Attendance Records

Automatically generated attendance reports

Download Excel reports as needed for various accounting/payroll purposes.

(Attendance Records, Work Schedules, Leave Records, Overtime Records, Field Work Records, Custom form development

Supports integration with HRM, Payroll, ERP systems.
(Workday, ERP, SAP, etc.)
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30-day free trial
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