Basic settings

If you signed up via the mobile app, you need to complete the default settings in the dashboard.

Step 1: Enter your company name

Please enter the company name to be displayed to all employees on the dashboard and app.

  • The company name can be changed at any time on the dashboard.

Step 2: Select the features you want to use

You can experience all of Sharp's features during the 30-day free trial period. Create customized collaboration tools by turning on only the features your company needs.

  • Experiencable features
    • commute
    • schedule
    • vacations
    • overtime
    • Visit schedule
    • To-do
    • Announcements and surveys
    • reports
    • bulletins
    • chatting

Step 3: Set up groups

A group is a department or team that a member belongs to.

Create an organization chart that fits the size of your company and how you manage employees by adding groups.

The top-level group created by default is reflected in the company name entered when signing up. The top-level group cannot be deleted, and if you want to change the company name, you can change it in settings.

▸ Company name change path: Dashboard > [Settings] > [Company Information]

Step 4: Register your place of work

  1. Click the Add Work Location button in the upper right corner and enter your job name and address.
    When entering an address, check whether the location shown on the map is correct by clicking the check button to confirm the location.
  2. Please select a commute verification method.
    If your entire workplace uses both GPS or QR authentication, you don't need to select one. If using GPS only, enter the allowable radius.
    (ex: Attendance records are only permitted within a radius of 100 meters from the workplace)
  1. Click the registration button to complete the registration of the place of work.

Step 5: Register as a member

  1. Click the Add Member button in the upper right corner and enter your name, mobile phone number, and group information.
  2. In the case of a group you belong to, you can select from the groups set in step 3 of the guide above, and at the same time, set whether the group is the leader or not.

What rights does the leader of the group they belong to have?

Approval rights can be granted to each leader. If you have approval authority, you can review requests submitted by employees (schedule changes, overtime requests, etc.) and approve or reject them.

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