Shopl Attandance Management


1. Attandance

Shopl uses GPS and QR code authentication to confirm location and supports accurate commute records through facial authentication.

Face authentication is performed based on the photo registered when the employee signs up for membership (*Face authentication can be turned on and off within the user function settings page).

We also support employees who have a lot of outside schedules or who work from home so that they can record their attendance even if they are not at their existing place of work.

All attendance records are reflected on the dashboard in real time, and managers can check commutation-related data at a glance.

Also, since all data can be downloaded in Excel format, it can be used for attendance and personnel work.

2. Leave

Shopl freely registers various vacations according to in-house regulations, and supports a vacation function that makes everything easier from application to management.

Admins and approved leaders can freely manage vacations via mobile and dashboards.

Employees can also easily request their own leave and check usage status at a glance.

3. Schedule

Use the schedule function optimized for rotation to understand the work status of employees at a glance and manage it easily.

Managers and leaders can create schedules tailored to the company.

Employees can apply for schedule approval according to their work (*The employee schedule approval application function can be turned on/off).

4. Overtime

Shopl assigns a schedule by setting the maximum working hours and maximum overtime hours an employee can work in a week,

When registering a schedule, you can ensure that the working hours set by the administrator are not exceeded.

  • Employee: Easily apply for overtime and check details
  • Admin: Check data at a glance for each employee and place of work from approval to overtimeYou can do it, Can be downloaded in excel format

5. Journey Plan

Take advantage of Shopl's visit schedule management function, which makes it easier to manage remote employees.

Shopl supports effective management by allocating work sites to be visited by remote workers.

  • Employee: You can check the visit schedule assigned to you on the app.
  • Admin: After registering the visit schedule for each employee through the dashboard, you can check the visit status and statistics at a glance
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